When it was incorporated in 1980, New England Braiding Co., Inc. manufactured conventional square-shaped compression packings. One of the major problems with square packings soon became evident to General Manager George Champlin. In searching for a way to overcome the tendency of square packings to form a trapezoidal shape upon installation, Mr. Champlin devised a method of braiding the packing in a trapezoidal shape when flat (straight) which became parallel sided upon installation – symbolized by NEBCO’s original logo the original ANTI-KEYSTONE® I, for which US and Canadian patents were issued from 1985 through 1989.
After many installations and much further testing, a dramatic improvement was achieved with the invention of the six-sided ANTI-KEYSTONE® II Packing Technology. Essentially a “Rectangle over a Trapezoid”, ANTI-KEYSTONE® II packing retains this shape when wrapped around a shaft, providing improved side-to-side contact between adjacent rings upon installation as well as significant additional benefits. US and worldwide patents were issued between 1995 and 1998 and were licensed exclusively to New England Braiding Co.