Point to Consider

Most states have their own Rural Water Associations which are great organizations to support.  Several NEBCO distributors are already local members and participate in the twice/year conferences/table top exhibits.

On The Road

I have had the pleasure of working with some of our top distributors, learning new sales techniques effective in specific territories and industries. In addition to the normal pump packing presentations, we have  generated considerable interest by putting on several in-plant valve maintenance seminars—that’s right—Valve Maintenance Seminars! NEBCO has several excellent valve packings available, among them Style 98 and Style 7800—an especially effective approach when you consider that for every pump in a system, there are at least 10 – 15 valves! I have had end users say that they were not even aware that we manufactured valve packings! Let’s also remember that we have Style 200, an excellent packing for slide/knife gate valves.

Another market segment revolves around Refineries and Chemical Plants. Although these facilities will use mechanical seals where possible, we are seeing a lot of applications on mixers and agitators where seals will not work, but where our Vibradamp styles are an excellent choice.

One of our new distributors, Flow-Tech Industries in Orange, TX has been working with a customer running brine pumps where mechanical seals have not worked. We recommended Style 702 and Style 7800 on the brine pump and so far have achieved over four months of leak/flush-free service.

Please Share!

Tradeshow/Advertising Leads

To help us assess the effectiveness of our promotional activities, please share your comments on leads received from NEBCO, word of mouth referrals from existing customers, etc.

Unique Application Experiences

If you have found the solution to unique applications, please send those along for inclusion in our next newsletter. For example, David Jones, Thurston Machine, British Columbia has found that the Hydropacking styles, properly installed, can be very effective in sealing the older style Komline-Sanderson vertical plunger pumps.

Application Advice

If there is a particularly difficult application that you would like to share with the NEBCO Network as well as with our Technical personnel, please forward those for review as well.

Please respond to Sally@anti-keystone.com for the above requests.