All of our braided packing styles can be die molded into pre-packaged ring sets. Even though our ANTI-KEYSTONE® Packing Technology eliminates some of the reasons for using die molded ring sets, five major reasons to use them remain.

  • Eliminate Waste: Die molded ring sets eliminate waste created when rings are miss-cut on-site. Die molded ring sets have exactly enough material to pack the equipment.
  • Speed of Installation: Prepared ring sets reduce repacking time by eliminating the cutting time of bulk packing. Die molded ring sets slide into the stuffing box with ease and seat reliably.
  • Reduce Misapplication: Errors from the use of the wrong packing in the wrong pump are reduced.

  • Reduction of Inventory: Inventories are minimized through use of a common stores code covering many pieces of equipment with identical stuffing boxes and similar services.
  • Costs Tracking: Die molded ring sets become a spare part for the equipment improving the ability to track equipment operating cost.