New England Braiding manufactures “Seal Ropes” for specific applications such as Rama Repola washers, where a dense construction with low elongation is required. “Seal Ropes” have large central axial cores buried within the braid to accept the tension placed on the rope. The carefully placed cores prevent the stretching and the resulting reduction in cross section that causes loss of sealing. The diamond shaped cross section readily conforms to the mating V-shaped stationary and rotating sides in these machines.*

Style 102/150 “Seal Rope” Washer Packing

Style 102/150 "Seal Rope" Washer Packing

  • pH 0-14
  • Surface Speeds: to 3000 fpm (15.3M/sec)
  • Pressure:
    Valves to 250 psi (16.7 BAR)
  • Temperatures: to 500°F (260°C)


Style 102/150 Seal Rope has a low friction graphite/TFE composite fiber tightly braided around centrally placed non-stretching cores of aramid yarn. The composite fiber provides low friction for the the sealing surface and the best rate of heat transfer possible. The aramid center yarn provides the non-elongating part of the packing construction.


Style 102/150 is available in 5/8″ and 1″ cross sections as well as metric cross sections of 20mm and 25mm. Other sizes are available, please contact your local distributor for more information.

Style 6902 “Seal Rope” Washer Packing

Style 6902 "Seal Rope" Washer Packing

  • pH 0-14
  • Surface Speeds: to 1200 fpm (6.1M/sec)
  • Pressure:
    1,000 psi (69 BAR)
  • Temperature: to 500°F (260°C)


Style 6902 “Seal Rope” is braided from an expanded TFE/Graphite composite yarn and expanded TFE yarn for extrusion resistant corners. Resistance to “stretch” is provided by the expanded TFE yarn used axially.


Style 6902 is useful in all types of brown stock and bleach washers.

*Please note that there is also an Acrylic/Aramid Seal Rope Style 4200 available. Please contact your local distributor for details.